Summer Reading

2022 Summer Reading Program
June 20 – August 20, 2022

2022 Summer Reading Program
Read Beyond the Beaten Path!
Hey Ashland Kids!
Summer is a fabulous time to READ! You can read whatever you want this summer. Read chapter books, read picture books, read books that are too easy, read books that are hard, re-read books you love, read graphic novels, read the back of a box of crackers! Just have fun reading!!

You can keep track of your reading three ways —
Online: register at Use your account from last year if you had one!
On a smart device: use the Beanstack Tracker app. Be sure you have the latest version uploaded.
On paper: pick up a paper handout in the Children’s Room.

There are two ways to earn badges and prizes: You can earn time badges by reading at least one hour per week – that’s less than 10 minutes each day! and/or you can earn Reading Activity badges. There are lots of different Reading Activity badges to choose from. Each badge that you complete will equal one ticket. You may complete as many of the badges as you want. At the end of the summer you can trade in 10 of your tickets for prize books. If you finish all of the badges, you’ll get 10 prize books AND you will also receive a Certificate of Awesomeness!

To complete each badge you will need to read or listen to a book or part of a book. You may complete whichever badges you like, and you do not have to do them in any particular order. You may use the same book(s) to complete Time badges and Reading Activity badges. Some books that you read might work to complete more than one Reading Activity badge, but you may only use the same title for a total of two Reading Activity badges!

You can read on your own, listen to an audio book, or have someone else read to you. If you read aloud to someone else, it also counts toward your reading. You do not have to read books at your grade level. It’s O.K. to read an easy book! It’s summer — just have fun reading!