Downstairs Gallery

Photomontages & Monotypes from the Urbana Series & Florescence Series
by Linda Lancz
April 4-29, 2023

Linda Lancz was influenced early on by her father’s watercolor paintings of New England. She studied art in college, and eventually became influenced by social changes, social justice, and anthropology. This led her to develop a strong concern with the commercial destruction of the environment and the planet. After years of working in traditional artist materials, Linda was further influenced by Printmaking and the Digital Revolution in Art. She took to both mediums and now combines photos, collages, monotypes and her own artwork in the computer. Linda’s work has evolved so it is no longer restricted exclusively to either the world of painting, printmaking or photography. Linda discovered she could create works of art with all three.

Of this current exhibit, Linda says: “These works are from the Urbana series and some from a series called
Florescence, showing the natural beauty of flowers and plants. In the Urbana series I photograph the commercialism in cities such as traffic and advertising signs and reduce them to graphic images. However I began to see beauty in the abstracted graphic designs.”

Linda has exhibited her work widely in the New England region and has received numerous awards for her creations. More of her work and contact information can be found at


Upstairs Display Case 

“My Resin Realm” by Lisa
April 4 – June 17, 2023

Resin artist Lisa has exhibited at the Ashland Farmers Market. Her creations are handcrafted and lovely. Lisa says of her work: “Have you ever seen art intentionally burned with an open flame? Welcome to my realm of functional resin art.”

I’m Lisa, a mother, wife, founder, and local artist of The Artistry by Lisa. My resin art encompasses three main categories that I adore. My love of the ocean can be seen in my wave art, my appreciation of flowers in my bridal floral preservation, and my admiration of shine and sparkly in my geode-inspired crystal artwork. All of my work is handcrafted and can be customized. My art can be found online, in retail stores around Massachusetts and throughout the United States, as well as at various local events. I can typically be found dressed in full PPE, blow torch in hand, creating the next artful treasure!

“I hope my art awakes your senses. Enjoy.”