Downstairs Gallery
“Under the Surface: Art In Layers” – Paintings by Naomi Deutscher
May 7 – June 15, 2024

Holliston Mill’s artist, Naomi Deutscher, displayed an early interest in art which led to studying oil painting at Gebhardt Studios, Cincinnati. Then further studies with a variety of highly regarded instructors in photography and film, abstract acrylics, mixed media, intensive workshops with
instructors, and coaching with professional artists which eventually led to developing her individual style.

After a successful consulting career as an Executive Presentation Coach with finance, biopharma, research, healthcare and tech clients, Naomi achieved her dream to return to her first love of painting as a resident studio artist at the Holliston Mill.
In Naomi’s words:

Naomi’s work can be found at: Deutscher
To contact Naomi: 617-694-2653

In Naomi’s words:
“This show was inspired by a recent trip to Portugal, a truly visually exciting place to visit. Using acrylics and mixed media, I first make layers of color and texture. Introducing more collage focused these pieces on composition and mid-century modern design elements. With no clear result in mind, I interact with the emerging painting delighting in ‘accidents’ that occur and what shows through after scraping through or glazing over the layers. Pleasure comes from applying paint in different ways and tearing painted/found papers. Contrasts between surface, depth, shape and space allow for a composition that works.”

Upstairs Display Case

“Resin & Wood” – Functional Art Work for the Home
by Randy Weiner
March 5  – June 15, 2024

Randy Weiner has been a dentist for the past 37 years and enjoys the creativity of producing both functional and fashionable items for the home. For the past 5 years, he found his passion specifically working with wood and resin. The results are unique and beautiful charcuterie boards, which can be customized with college logos, nature scenes, or abstract designs; wall art featuring geometric block designs, or hobby themes; furniture including raw wood edge tables and desks; cutting boards, and more.
Since Randy started wood turning April 2023, he now makes vases and bowls.

To see more of Randy’s work, or to contact him to discuss a custom project visit: