Downstairs Gallery
“The Spirit of Nature” – Paintings by Dustin Neece
Jan 17 -Feb 26, 2024

Southborough Artist and resident Dustin Neece has been painting for several decades. While in
high school, Dustin studied with Hopkinton artist Jaime Alfonso. Dustin then did further studies
in London and followed that with attending the Rhode Island School of Design. His work began
to be recognized and collected by art dealers in New York. After RISD, Dustin studied with Odd
Nerdrum in several locations in Europe. Over the years Dustin has received awards and
commissions for his paintings, including a commemorative painting of Rick and Dick Hoyt on the
30th running of the Boston Marathon.

Dustin Neece is one of the few classically trained living artists that paints almost entirely from
life and imagination. Over decades he has cultivated his visual and emotional sensitivity as well
as his craft as an artist to capture the spirit of nature on canvas.

In Dustin’s words
“Oil paintings hold the frequency of the energy that is put into them. By returning to paint my subjects on location over and over again until a work is complete I am able to tune my paintings
to the peaceful feelings and powerful beauty of nature. We are all, each one of us, living aspects of this planet, constantly in communion with it. My paintings aim to increase your heartfelt experience of this reality. They can awaken new perceptions and deepen your relationship with the earth: and by extension, with spirit itself. Inviting my work into your home is a blessing and an invocation of the magic you have
experienced during your most precious moments in nature.”

More of Dustin’s work can be found at:

There will be an Artist’s reception on Thursday, Feb 22, 5-7PM in the Downstairs Gallery of the


          “Ceremony”                                                     “Crossroads”

Upstairs Display Case

“Childhood Treasures” – Handcrafted Wooden Toy Puzzles
by Patricia Romeo Jammalo
January 16 – March 2, 2024

Patricia Romeo Jammalo is an Ashland artist and resident. She studied studio art
at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. She has created art
in all media such as watercolor, oil, printmaking, and multi-media work such as
collage, assemblage and sculpture. Currently, Patricia works with wood and
designs, hand-cuts and paints unique puzzles in the shape of various animals.

What Patricia says about her work:
“What I create is autobiographical. At an early age I learned to draw and use
power tools. Over the years I dabbled in various wood projects such as picture
frames, boxes and shelves; and then one day I decided I wanted to make things for
children. Toys can be tricky to make by hand, but puzzles were a possibility, but
not just the garden variety puzzle. I wanted to create something unique, something
special, a puzzle a child would cherish for a lifetime. Today, I create art puzzles
from wood, more specifically, I design and create puzzles from my collection of
stuffed animals that I treasured as a child!”

You can see more of Patricia’s wonderful handcrafted creations by visiting her
website at