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great decisionsIf you are curious, have passionate opinions about politics, social and cultural norms, historical precedents and national and foreign policy, the Great Decisions Discussion Program created by the Foreign Policy Association of America is the perfect discussion group for you.

What we’re discussing:

Roles of International Organizations in a Global Pandemic by Mara Pillinger

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust the World Health Organization (WHO) into the limelight, for better and for worse. While some of the Trump administration’s criticism of the organization is unfair, the response to the early stages of the pandemic left many experts wanting more from the WHO. What is the WHO’s role in responding to international pandemics? What can be done to improve the WHO’s response to future global health crises?

The Friends of the Ashland Public Library are offering this monthly discussion group.  For more information and to join the group, please contact Kim kimkotob@gmail.com.

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