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DAVID | New Day Films

Welcome to our Friday Night Film Discussions! Today, we’ll be discussing David, which was the winner of an Audience Award for Best Feature at the Brooklyn International Film Festival.

The way it works:

PRIOR to the meeting (whenever works for your schedule), watch David on Kanopy — one of the library’s video streaming service — and then come to the meeting prepared to discuss!

You will need an Ashland library card or a Boston Public Library e-card to use Kanopy. Click here to access Kanopy or for more info on the BPL e-card (see if you are eligible and then register – you can use any of BPL’s online resources with this card!).

Please register to receive the program link, which will be in your confirmation and reminder emails (check your spam folder for them). Contact ashlandprograms@minlib.net with any questions.


As the son of the Imam of the local Brooklyn mosque, eleven year-old Daud has to juggle the high expectations of his father and his feelings of isolation and difference—even from his peers in the Muslim community. Through an innocent act of good faith, Daud inadvertently befriends a group of Jewish boys who mistake him as a fellow classmate at their orthodox school, in the neighboring Jewish community.

A genuine friendship grows between Daud and Yoav, one of the Jewish boys, and his family. Unable to resist the joy of a camaraderie that he has never felt before, David, as he is known to the kids, is drawn into a complicated dilemma inspired by youthful deceit and the best of intentions.

Running Time
80 mins


Joel Fendelman

Binyomin Shtaynberger, Dina Shihabi, Gamze Ceylan, Maz Jobrani, Muatasem Mishal

Arabic, English, Hebrew

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Ashland Public Library.

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