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Seven Samurai 3 hours 6:00pm –9:00pm (with short break )

(Bring sandwiches and snacks if you like and sealed drink container so no spilling.)

This is it! We’ve been waiting 14 years of Friday Night Films to be able to show one of the best films ever made – for story, photography, action, character… Akira Kurosawa directs and Toshiro Mifune stars.

The peasants fear bandits will again raid the village when the harvest is complete. An old man advises the villagers to hire samurai to defend the village. They send emissaries to a large town to attempt to hire some unemployed samurai, called Ronin, who are available since the system of warlords’ maintaining a retinue of samurai is breaking down. The villagers can offer only rice. The film moves from learning about the individual samurai, the village, and finally the battles to defeat the fierce bandits. Truly one of the world’s greatest films.