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Downstairs Gallery


Watercolor Landscape Paintings by Kerry G. Evans Jan. 16th – Feb. 28th
Artist’s Reception on Saturday, January 18th 2:00-4:00pm All are welcome!

Medfield artist Kerry Evans has been painting and teaching for many years. Her focus is the natural world around us and the intersection between reality and abstraction: shapes, colors, sensations, & emotions. An exhibit of vibrant and flowing paintings. More info about Kerry and her work can be found at: kerrygortonevansart.com

In Kerry’s words:
“My compositions have always, in some way, abstracted the visual world…I usually select a cropped portion of the visual world to focus on. This, I think, is because my interest lies at the intersection between reality and abstraction…not in pure abstraction. While I am creating the work, suddenly the material world drops away and what becomes important are the colors, shapes, sensations, emotions….the impact of the moment. I seek to share this impact…to make it visible. ‘Come quick! You have to see this moon…this incredible sunset, this butterfly!’ My impatience with sharing these fleeting and exuberant moments of life comes from my understanding that the ephemeral is what makes life worth living. I want to capture it…share it…celebrate it.”

Upstairs Display Case

Illustrators from the Golden Age of Book Illustration
January 16 – Feb 28, 2020

The period from around 1880 to 1950 was a very creative time for book illustration in the
US and Europe. This exhibit is a very small sampling of some of the most prominent artist-illustrators working at that time. Some of the books are still in print, especially the Scribner’s series of novels illustrated by N.C. Wyeth. Also included are illustrations by G. Dore, H. Pyle, Dulac, K. Nielsen, R. Kent, M. Parrish, and others. There is currently a wonderful exhibit of the original painting illustrations of N.C. Wyeth at the Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME.

The library received a wonderful sculptural donation this fall, 2019. It is “Musky,” an original bronze casting of a musk ox by the well-known artist Shay Rieger. The donation was made by Melissa & David Fountain. Melissa is the niece of Ms. Rieger. It is currently housed under the tree in the main entrance lobby (see photo). ‘Musky’ is happy in its new home and loves to be petted. In the years to come he is likely to move around and explore other areas of the library.

Long-Term Exhibits

Anthony Antonellis is exhibiting five of his unique wood creations in the fireplace lounge area, adjacent to the main circulation desk, and another one is exhibited near the public computers. The pieces are intricately patterned wood assemblages, carefully crafted and finished. Enjoy this visually dynamic exhibit.

On extended loan, in the downstairs conference room are photographs by Bill Horsman, a commercial and fine art photographer who has exhibited in the library and currently has his studio in downtown Ashland.

If you are a collector and would like to share your collection with the Library community by exhibiting all or part of it in the locked display case near the main circulation desk, please contact Larry DeJong at leftaris@gmail.com. Leave a short message and a way to contact you and he will follow up with you.